We'll Miss You

Michelle Eisele

I met Ulrike in the spring of 2005 when I saw her standing in the check-in line with a bicycle box at YVR. I approached her and told her I was doing the same in Cuba and we even had booked a room at the same little hotel in Varadero. We ended up bicycling to Havana together and she joined me in a rented car to Vinales. We met up in Havana at the end after she cycled back and I hung out and drove for a while.

We developed a great friendship and travelled together again when I was honoured to be invited as her +1 on her Epic Western Canadian Train and Folding Bicycle Trip. We enjoyed having her in our lives and her visits to our Cowichan Valley home.

Ulrike has kept my travel flame alive and I'm eternally grateful to have had her in my life. I hope that her passion for social justice stays alive in those of us who knew her.

Be in peace