Way Back When

Jurgen Rodrigues

My memories of Ulrike all come from our time growing up in Toronto and Guelph. She was a live-in playmate. Somebody to pester regardless of the time of day. Of course, playing with Ulrike often meant grabbing a Barbie and dressing her up. Ulrike didn't even own a Ken doll until much later.

Sometimes Ulrike would let me tag along with her on excursions. Or perhaps Mama forced her to take me with her. Once we hiked over to the minibike trails near where we lived in Willowdale. She confidently spread out a blanket and we enjoyed a picnic lunch while the dirtbikes zoomed past us with wonder on the faces of the riders.

One of our greatest joys was our annual trip to the Ontario Science Centre. It was just a bus ride down the road but it filled us with great excitement and confidence when we finally made the journey alone.

Ulrike, I'll toast you with a black cherry ice cream cone with visions of the Don Valley ravine etched in my memory.