She Made a Kind Impression


I met Ulrike once. Nancy, (My Canadian Mum as I fondly call her) was giving me a bike but wouldn’t be home on the day I was to receive it. She arranged with Ulrike, who was her neighbour to meet me and give the bike on the Saturday afternoon I was to receive it. Ulrike did not only hand the bike over to me, she took her time to explain some of the things that I needed to fix before using the bike. I particularly recall her telling me that I might need to change the tyres to slimmer ones later if I wanted to use the bike daily on the road. Afterwards, she walked me to the bike shop to pump the tyres and get a helmet. I was thankful to have received such attention and enthusiasm from someone who only just met me.

Although this is the only memory I have of Ulrike, she made a kind impression and I am glad I met her, even if it was just that one time. May her soul Rest In Peace.