Only great memories about Uli

Steve Vanderwoerd

I was fortunate to share some pretty meaningful moments with Ulrike despite only spending time with her in person a handful of times. Once she was the only person to make the trip to my suburban home for a Mojito party,.. she had to show me how to make the Mojitos...

She met with me on 2 occasions to discuss work choices. In those short meetings she gave me an important perspective I would never had conjured alone and I needed it. She truly gave me life changing advice to consider.

I was lucky enough to see her in her element when we did a 3 day bike trip together with another friend to Vancouver Island. Ulrike was not one to sit on the sidelines or say no to an opportunity to socialize or try something new. She also connected people and was my gateway to a community I was destined to be part of but always felt on the outside of. That is how I will remember her.