My niece Ulrike

Marie Rodrigues

My first meeting with Ulrike was when I married her Uncle. She was just a shy teenager and attended our wedding with her brother.  Her contagious smile in the photo taken on our wedding day, and her strength at that young age is so obvious in this photo. It was the same day her father was in hospital having had a major heart attack.

Years went by and she moved to Vancouver. In 2008, I contacted her, to meet up as I was visiting her city along with my daughter. Ulrike went out of her way to plan some sightseeing trips for us. We spent a great week with her and I was so proud to see what a beautiful woman she grew to be. Adventurous, intelligent, and fearless, she traveled the world on her own, and also rode a motorbike with such bravery. 

She visited us in Toronto for my daughter Clarissa's wedding, May 2019.  I know she had a good time as I watched her dance to the beat of the music just standing near her table. I had to drag her on to the dance floor to join our group of women trying to keep up with the rhythm of the song.

Rest in peace Ulrike, you are always in my prayers.
Aunt Marie