Do not mourn her passing, but rejoice that she lived.

Sue Smith

Ulrike (Uli) casually appeared in our lives one sunny day in late 2016 during her Aussie Sojourn. She was a breath of fresh air, and had the most charming approach to life. Leith and I spent considerable time with her in Willunga and surrounds, wine tasting, enjoying music, exchanging stories and solving the Worlds problems.

We introduced her to our dear friend Brett, who has also since passed, and they became 'bike buddies', she loved his Harley and his 'Je ne sais quoi', and he admired her for her adventurous spirit (and the fact she was so darned cute). He helped her buy, fix and, ultimately sell her Aussie 'wheels', which took her on her journey along the Great Ocean Rd, and on to Sydney, before conveying her safely back to us in Willunga.

After returning to BC Uli kept in touch, with little cards, messages, and Facebook comments. Until COVID closed the worlds doors she was intending to come and stay with us (about now in fact) so she could take part in another Aussie adventure...the Outback Postie run, as her 60th birthday gift to herself.

I like to believe she rides now, with Brett at her side, and her beloved PH riding pillion, and that this is just the start of her next big adventure. See you on the flip side, Ulrike xxx