Ulrike rides to Robe; SA rosé by the sea

Ros Coventry

I met freewheeling bike rider, Ulrike, in a roundabout way, thanks to cousin Peter, in France, a bike enthusiast. She arrived in South Australia, looking to get a bike and travel south and east.  We met up in the pretty little town of Robe. She was a little disappointed I was not on my motorbike, as that was in times past. We camped out by the beach and shared rosé and stories, and she took off for Melbourne on the Rebel.

I missed my old bike then. Handing it over to me later, I am still the owner of the cute Rebel. We met up again later, and kept in touch. Via her intro to her lovely friends in France I also got to stay in a tiny viilage there, cat-sitting, as she did. Plans were made to meet up and travel Scotland in mid 2020, camping out, even to stay in a remote castle, bookings made in Edinburgh, but....Covid, not to be. 

Devastating that fate has taken her now, far too soon. She will be so much missed by many friends and family. So pleased she left us some great writing of her travels to re-read.  RIP, Ulli, go easy.