A life dedicated to bringing hapiness to others

Mana Amessi

My family and I met Ulrike in Lauzun, when she visited our common friends Ian and Susan Cook in South of France then housesat and took care of their cat Friday. We had many opportunities to chat in my bar, enjoy music together, gatherings in the village with friends and neighbours and she immediately fitted !

There are so many adjectives that come to my mind when I think of her or see her picture and all of them are positive : smiley, welcoming, smart, warm, interesting, joyful, discreet, friendly, happy....the list is almost endless! To us, who met her for such a short time, it's been a shock finding out this morning she had passed away, I can't imagine the loss for her family and closer friends.

My daughter Aliénor, who's 13, my son Tristan, who's 12 and myself wish to let her relatives and friends know how much joy she brought everywhere she went and how much we wish she had been able to come back. Her blog shows what she did when she was here, a big part of her time here in South of France was spent meeting people and discovering tiny villages and I'm sure, just like us, they will remember her smile forever. Rest in peace lovely lady !