Ulrike...we miss you

Shannon Rae

I am stunned to hear about Ulrike's passing...I keep seeing her around a corner, with her jaunty kerchief, riding one of her bikes or motorcycles - and I hear her lilting voice as she talked about her amazing travels: I mean "Girl Gone Goa"...that was Ulrike: adventurous & whimsical, with laughter in her voice, she was ready to experience, and take on, anything!

We worked together as owners and strata council members on operating our strata building and yes, she was instrumental in moving us all forward on many "real" issues with respect to housing, landscaping, and waste: she arranged that we have our refundable bottles collected by a firm that turns much of our wasteful but valuable items into income for others...

We all knew how to spell her name, however, we all said it differently, and even discussed it once when she was not present, "how do you say her name", and "well, I heard her say it this way..."

Ulrike, I look up to your lovely balcony every time i come home now and see your bright light is out...you are very missed...however you have left so much of yourself here with us...thank you...