'Til we meet again at the four corners

Lori Kittelberg

I got to know Uli during our many lunchtime walks and after-work beers when we worked together at City Hall. 

A sensitive soul, she provided me with insights that helped me gain a new perspective on my son's thoughts and behaviour. He too is a sensitive person and I remember him enjoying her company at a staff gathering, then later at one of my family's holiday "orphans' dinners" with friends whose families lived far away. Uli's ready smile and curious nature made it seemingly easy for her to fit in with anyone. It's no surprise to me that she had such a wide, wonderful range of friends. One of my photos was taken at a Thanksgiving dinner, the other was taken during a birthday beer outing.

I became a fairly regular (albeit fair-weather) bicycle commuter, something I don't know would have happened without her encouragement. Our conversations veered from serious topics like race, identity, and family, to the fun stuff like music, food, and travel. When I see salted caramel anything, I think of how she couldn't understand people's obsession with it. She did, however, enjoy a good crostata, particularly with a good coffee.

We joked about our trips to the "four corners" formed by some of our favourite independent coffee shops near City Hall. Uli, I'm going to miss you. I can only hope we meet again some day at another version of the four corners. Until then, rest easy, my friend.