Our Loss

Ulrike's last work team ...

To read the words of all who experienced time with Ulrike, I am left feeling a void at not having known the real woman.  My experience with Ulrike, was only through the Society of Techinal Communications (STC) body, and in what became her last work environment.

In the short time I'd known Ulrike, I was impressed with her.  She was talented, smart and strong willed. I was excited to learn that she was joining my work team, but disappointed that opportunities to meet for coffee or lunch were not possible with COVID present.

She left us to soon, and we're saddened to think how she may have suffered with her final health challenges.

The team would like to contribute to her endowment fund, but we need to know how we can make this contribution please.

Yvan: The fund will be set up for donations in a few days. Please check back soon.