A dedicated visionary

Gwendal Castellan

I recall meeting Ulrike for the first time in Amy's living room for a Momentum magazine editorial planning session. Being new, she was friendly and along with everyoneade me feel welcome. Since then our love of cycling, in the city and out beyond for adventures short and long has meant that we have cris crossed each other many times over the last fifteen years.

One anecdote I'd like to share is when we were both on the board of the then named Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition. We both had come together with the shared realization that the name and the brand elements were no longer adequately reflecting the breadth of activities and ambitions of the organization.

Over the next few months we discussed how to develop a process to create a new brand that better reflected the organization, its ambitions and how it would be in the world. Ulrike was resourceful and forceful, she was able through her gentle and open style to bring people on board and found a contact at a national communications and marketing company willing to provide pro-bono work for the non profit.

Ten years later Hub is a thriving and amazing organization that has grown into its new name and I like to think that Ulrike was part of the transformation into a diverse and inclusive community organization.

I will miss her dearly, her warm smile and and her earnest dissatisfaction with the status quo. Our community has lost someone who was an inspiration as she engaged in so many ways with a vision of a better world. I am certain that this inspiration will live on in all who knew and collaborated with her throughout the years.  Ride on in peace. Gwendal