Happy Trails Cuz!

Sharon Burdette

Ulrike was the oldest cousin when we were grew up in the Toronto Suburbs. Being the first two families immigrating to Canada from our extended family meant that our two families spent countless hours together in our early years, and many weekends and vacations together as we grew older. I know I was often the annoying little cousin, but to me, Ulrike was just a little older and oh so grown up and sophisticated. As she grew older, her unique personality developed and she became a vibrant, adventurous woman.

Ulrike moved West early on, and as she would say, Vancouver was her adopted home town. As adults, we didn't stay in touch for years, but through the magic of FB we connected online, and I followed her global travels with admiration. In 2016, when our daughter spent a Spring semester on a photogrpahy internship in Vancouver, Ulrike was wonderful. She trekked to the airport to meet her by public transit, escorted her to her accommodation, acclimatized her to Vancouver, and generally took her under her wing. When we visited Van at the end of the internship, we were able to spend a week with Ulrike. I loved getting re-acquainted, and she dedicated days to taking us all over Van to explore her favourite digs.  We walked for hours and hours, and her energy and enthusiasm was limitless! We spent hours chatting about growing up and recalled our family memories. It was truly a special week, and I am forever greatful to Ulrike for her generosity, and for the chance to spend such quality time together. 

Happy trails on your next Great Adventure Cuz- you will be missed :(