My friend

Gwen Varns

Ulie my dear friend, over the past 13 years you’ve been my faithful companion over countless shared meals, cocktails, comedy - good and bad, plays, dance, movies, multiple road trips to Washington state and that horrible time we checked out theatre sports.

In August during our annual trip to Havana for Mojitos you disclosed that you were struggling to understand the computer system at your new job. I tried to assure you sometimes it takes us older folks more time to learn new things. In September you took me to a “new” restaurant for my 50th birthday but didn’t realize we had been there before and both agreed to never go back. I laughed because I hadn't recognized the name of the restaurant but you were more concerned as your issues at work had not gone away. And on a sunny November day over a beautiful lunch you told me you quit your job as the cognitive issues were not resolving, that the doctor was running tests but nothing was confirmed. I let you know that I was there for you and could see by your reaction that you felt that to be true.

We’ve had many amazing times together but that day stood out as one of the most lovely and heartwarming. I felt honoured to be your friend and know the feeling was mutual. Sadly, that was the last time I saw you and now feel gutted that I couldn’t make a date happen in December.

We’ve both been through so much in 13 years and have been steadfast at each others side through it all. I’ve admired your ability to unabashedly sit at a bar by yourself and you said you admired my ability to tell it like it is. I feel so absolutely devastated by your loss Ulie and I want you to know how much I love and admire you. I miss you terribly my dear friend.