Uli, an Exceptional Woman

Janet Pohl

I have just read 5 pages of memories from friends and family of Ulrike and they have all captured her perfectly.  She was an exceptional woman.

My husband Arthur and I met Ulrike on her 50th birthday weekend at a Gabriole Island Haven Communication Workshop.  She and Art teamed up early in the session for a 5-5-5 exercise.  After that she joined Art and I at meal times so we could get to know each other better.  Since then we got together at least once a year.  On one of her early visits she brought us a bottle of Boujelais wine called "FUN" which my husband really enjoyed and bought for years, mainly to remember Uli.  I think where ever Uli went she brought fun and joy and honesty.  She was very supportive to me during my husbands' illness and death.  I am so glad I got to know her and that she was able to attend my 70th birthday celebration in 2019.  I loved reading her blogs and sharing in her travel adventures.  Bring your joy and outgoing spirit to your new domain Uli.  Love, Jan