Ulrike's Uncle

Alex Rodrigues

As her Dad’s brother and an uncle to Ulrike, my memories of Ulrike are too numerous to elaborate on as they are cherished memories embedded in my head and in my heart. I’ve known her as a babe in arms to womanhood and as a middle-aged niece. Memories date back in time with the many childhood family picnics, camping trips, BBQs that our two families have participated in – trips to our cottage in Bobcaygeon to her last visit to Caledon East where she spent the afternoon with her friend.

Through the years we managed to “keep in touch” with each other Perhaps her connection with her dad or the lack of it led her to seek her roots bringing about her quest to travel again - deemed a “Rodrigues” trait.

Finding tranquility and peace in Goa helped stabilize her urge to expand her writing skills. Her Dad Leo (Sanu) had spent very little time in Goa through his growing years but loved the place never-the-less. He somehow developed a love for it as it was truly the ancestral bode of our parents – Ulrike’s grand-parents. She loved Goa to the extent that she even chose to buy a house and retire there but that did not materialize.

Ulrike’s quest to find her roots seemed fulfilled. She accepted Vancouver as her home and her interests switched to other avenues to pursue. Ulrike will be missed but knowing that she is in a better place, we can all say goodbye with a heavy heart. REST IN PEACE! Ulrike.